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London, Uk






Czech Republic














Day 7- September 9th
Vaduz, Liechtenstein to Salzburg, Austria

Day 8- September 10th
Salzburg, Austria to Vienna, Austria

Austria! The European Driving Escapade was very happy to arrive in the long awaited Salzburg, Austria where we met and sketched for two fantastic businesses- Franz schutzinger and Sternbrau.
Both wonder fully placed with a great atmosphere and feel for the beautiful scenery in its backdrop.
Franz is a market merchant in the famous green markets, well known for its great quality food. Franz food was no exception to this, tasty veal and pork sausages stuffed with cheese and coated with mustard all contained within a well placed market stall bustling with customers from every angle. We couldn't resist the smell and taste and were very proud to represent this client in our sketches.

Sternbrau, established in 1542 is one of the biggest brewery/ restaurants in Austria. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart visited this location in 1777. It s beautiful biergaten was a feast for our illustrators eyes as well as a fantastic atmosphere with friendly staff. As well as the great location, the traditional food and chilled beer is definitely something to stop in for. Ashby s Place and Minoli James and co. Enjoyed the scenic views from the city centre and even had time to pay a visit to Mozart s birthplace.

After visiting the Belvedere museum and being competely overwhelmed while in the presence of art masterpieces by the great Klimt, Scheile and Kocoshka, the European Driving Escapade were going to enjoy a quiet night in beautiful Vienna, until we came across the uber cool 1516 brewery. With its own beers and American flavored food and atmosphere, as well as a rare espresso coffee machine, one can enjoy this venue for all it is, in absolute comfort. The friendly staff and very cool bar manger take care of your needs and provide a friendly atmosphere for the night. 1516 brewery is like a work of art itself, from the signage to the beer tanks and the fantastic lighting, all housed in a wooden/ industrial metal interior, we were definitely inspired to represent 1516 brewery with sketches that support their cool yet professional attitude as well as excellent design.

Linking art, illustration and small business on a global scale, all starting with the European Driving Escapade!

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